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How to join BASSA
In order to gain access to the website forum here at, you must firstly become a member of BASSA Branch LE1117 for Thomson Airways Cabin Crew.


If you wish to become a BASSA member, you will find application forms in all crew rooms, usually in the vicinity of the BASSA notice board. Alternatively, you can approach your local BASSA rep who will provide the necessary documentation for you to complete. You will find all our contact details under ?Your Reps?. We ask you to forward your form directly to your BASSA rep as this will ensure your details are added to our database before your application is submitted and processed by Unite.


Once you become a BASSA/Unite member, you will immediately begin to enjoy the benefits of belonging to our union. In addition to support, advice and representation from your reps, you will also be granted access to the website forum where you will find the latest BASSA communication.  The forum gives you the chance to have your say and contribute to the burning issues that are dominating the airwaves for Thomson Airways Cabin Crew.  You will also receive a quarterly newsletter and along with all our members, you will be consulted at every opportunity during our negotiations. 


Join BASSA today and together we will have a stronger voice.


For all membership enquiries, please contact Mark Ashley

Tel: 07753 490050   Email: